FLYGUY PROFESSOR WHOOSH WHOOSH FLAPPY is a character first appearing in Chapter 1. He is infamous. He has the ability to laugh a great thundering laugh filled with flaps and whooshes. He also has the ability to scream like a little girl.

Chapter 1 Edit

Mario and Waluijew first wander into the Desert, where the Professor lives. He befriends Waluijew during this time and begins to plan to kill Mario.

Chapter 2 Edit

Whoosh Whoosh Flappy invites Mario to a "spaghetti party with tacos" in order to kill him.

Chapter 3 Edit

Batman appears and punches Professor Whoosh Whoosh Flappy in the face. He screams like a little girl. He is later carried off by Ganky Goomba, but he is dropped because of his windy powers, and floats to the ground like a fat ostrich made of wind. The shy guys appear interested in defending the Flyguy Professor's honor.

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