Did you mean: Waluijew? I think you did.

Waluigi is a man in possession of a skinny, ugly torso. He first appears in the Prologue and is a primary character of Mario and the Search for the Inner Spaghetti Party Quest. His nose is able to twitch angrily. He is so light, and has so little muscle, that he floats slowly to the ground like a feather when dropped. Waluigi has a motorcycle from Mario Kart DS, although in the game Mario Kart DS, Waluigi does not actually have a motorcycle.

Prologue Edit

Waluigi is first introduced as Princess Peach's new hero. He is described by Peach as being "ugly as a rat's ass", but is supposedly much more loyal than Mario and not nearly as fat. He punches Mario in the face and causes him to fly out of Princess Peach's Castle, leading to the entire mess in the first place.

Waluigi is described by Geromy as THE BIG MAN. This is possibly a joke about how skinny he is, as is evidenced by later chapters.

Chapter 1 Edit

Waluigi follows Mario into the Desert for unknown reasons. It is speculated that he and Princess Peach could have gotten into a fight of some kind at this point. He follows Mario angrily, and it is revealed that he has the ability to physically freak out with his limbs. The extents of this ability are unknown.

After arriving in Casinoberg, Waluigi is accosted by Ganky Goomba. Waluigi is so light that Ganky drops him and he floats slowly to the ground like a feather. He then begins to talk to Professor Whoosh Whoosh Flappy. Whoosh Whoosh Flappy begins to harbor a plot against Mario because of Waluigi's fuckery.

Chapter 2 Edit

Along with Professor Flappy, Waluigi invites Mario to a supposed "spaghetti party with tacos" in order to trap him. He plans to kill Mario by using a dinner table with straps on the top and a laser beam.

Chapter 3 Edit

When Ganky Goomba and Batman rescue Mario, Waluigi retreats on his Waluigi motorcycle. He talks to Professor Flappy over the phone, but hangs up in a rage when he is called Waluijew.