this is the wiki for the maaizgn story mario and the search for the inner spoaghetti party quest.

it is an intricate epic with many nuances and subtexts, that has many themes and morals that i wish to find. perhaps by documenting this beuautiful tale we can find out what wll happen next and detial exactly what themes are being cereatd by the beautiful author who is good at story writing. so join in, and maybne you will learn something about the human experience!!!!<hero description="thsi is the wiki for the excellent story mario and the search fo thre inner spaghetit poarty whquest which is a long epic that is 95 chapters long as of the creatin of this wiki. it is a stry about this guy named mario who needs to go on a uqest to find his inner spaghetti patrty. ist is incredible and i awant to show my dedicatin by kreating this wiki to codument what happened in tneh story.

the origianl story is available here " imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>


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